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Want to Write for the 133T Blog?

October 16, 2017

We’re always looking for talented guest writers to contribute to 133T!

We post 2-4 guest posts from outside writers per month – would YOU like to be one of those writers?

133T’s audience is people looking for jobs and business owners trying to be BETTER business owners. So if you have any information for people who are job hunting (ex: 7 Things to NEVER Say During an Interview) or for business owners (tips on leadership skills, motivating workers, maintaining work/life balance, etc.), then we’d be interested to hear your ideas! (Feel free to look through the 133T blog for inspiration!).

We pay $50 per 800-1200 word post. If your draft is accepted, you’ll be paid upon publication.

How to Pitch

Write an e-mail to Lauren Tharp (me), 133T’s Head Editor, at ltharp@6hi.87f.mwp.accessdomain.com with the words “133T Pitch” as your subject line. (If you don’t include those words, I’ll assume you’re spam and not read your e-mail).

From there, suggest at least one headline designed to make 133T readers want to read your post.

Follow the headline with the opening lines you’d use in the post. No less than 30 words, no more than 60. You DON’T need to write a whole post (or even a whole introduction) before your pitch — we’d like to give you feedback on your idea BEFORE you write a full draft.

After the opening lines, give us no more than six points you’ll make in your post, and provide a one or two sentence summary of each point. (If you plan to make more than six points in your post, only tell me the MOST important six in your pitch.)

Then explain in no more than three sentences why this is a great post for 133T and why you’re the right person to write it.

If we like your pitch, you’ll be asked to send in a full draft. If your draft is accepted, you’ll be put into the 133T publication schedule and given your publication date (which is when you’ll be paid). Easy-peasy!

What You Can Expect from Us

In addition to getting paid $50 for your published post, we offer the following things:

You’ll be allowed to write an author bio about yourself to include with your post. This bio will include a picture of your beautiful/handsome face and any links you desire – this means you can promote your website and social media accounts to all of our readers!

We’ll be promoting your post on all of our social media accounts once it’s published. We want as many eyes on your writing as possible!

If you do a FANTASTIC job, you may also contact me (Lauren Tharp) after your post is published for a testimonial for your website about how great you are.

In other words, not only will you get paid for your work, you’ll also end up with a fabulous portfolio piece and plenty of exposure. Woo!

What We Expect from You

After your draft is accepted by 133T, we now own that piece of writing. It cannot be published anywhere else.

If you’d like to share it on your blog, you may only share the first three paragraphs, and then you must link to your finished post on OUR blog for your readers to view the entire piece.

We’d also love it if you could share the link to your completed article on YOUR social media accounts, if possible.

We also expect you to HAVE FUN and be proud of your work for us! If your post has been accepted, you’re now part of the 133T family and we love you. <3

Ready to Pitch?

Great! Follow the pitching guidelines outlined in the section above and shoot me an e-mail.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

Thank you in advance for contributing to 133T.