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Merry Christmas from 133T!

December 22, 2017


No matter what your beliefs are, we hope you’re having a wonderful day and are enjoying time with family and friends.

Christmas, for us, is a time for reflection and gratitude.

Not only has 133T grown as a company, we’ve grown as a family. People from across the United States and around the world have come together to put in their best work towards making 133T great!

The BETA version of our automated job hiring software is very close to up and running (you can sign up now!), and this blog has been consistently pumping out useful content for our readers for several months now.

We’re grateful to everyone in the 133T family, including you, our readers and subscribers.

Employment and Education

Unfortunately, not all of us have a long list of things to be grateful for in 2017…

Unemployment levels are still high, and education is at an all-time low.

While our amazing software will undoubtedly help those without work find jobs in the coming year, the education problems worry us daily.

We’ll be working with Save the Children to help provide books and other educational tools to children around the world. If you can afford to, we encourage you to do the same. They have a wide range of educational gifts available for orphaned or low-income children. For as little as $45, you can enroll a child in school and gift them with a soccer ball (so they have something fun to play with in their down time when they’re not hitting the books!).

We also work with those who are homeless and hungry. Both by supporting local homeless shelters, and by offering aid to those we meet on the streets.

The next time you go to the grocery store and there’s a homeless person in the cold outside, consider buying them a small gift. Dried goods like jerky or nuts provide good energy and keep well if stored. For under five dollars, you can provide hours of nourishment to someone in desperate need. Fresh water is also a much-needed commodity that often goes overlooked.

Keeping the “Spirit” Year-Round

133T works to provide education, employment, and help to those who need it year-round, not just during the Christmas season.

The “spirit” of giving is one that should inhabit ALL of us, each and every day.

That’s what we believe at 133T — and what we’ll strive to do in 2018 (and every year after!).

Until then…

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Thank you for reading. We love you.