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How to Be an Inspirational Leader at ANY Business

November 27, 2017

We’ve heard it all of our lives: “you can be a leader or a follower.”

That saying is true regardless of what aspect of our lives we are examining. However, it is particularly true when we are talking about careers. Every single job you have ever worked at has had a leader (or perhaps you yourself were the leader). As someone in that role, or striving to get to that role, you need to understand how to be an inspirational leader at ANY business.

Once you understand the following techniques, you will be able to implement them in virtually any field. This will allow you to sharpen your leadership skills and make you more than just a manager, but someone who admired and respected by fellow managers and employees alike.

You should always strive to inspire the people around you in whatever ways you can — both on and off the clock.

Practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to show up at the office tomorrow as the most respectable and inspirational person in the business. Filling the shoes of an inspirational leader means being patient and willing to grow and learn with the business. As you become more comfortable in your role as an inspirational figure it will become second nature and you will find yourself taking on new roles and being the leader that you have always hoped you would become.

The Importance of Inspiration

Think about the last job that you had where you were a low-level worker. Did you enjoy your position there? Why or why not? If not, there is a good chance that the manager was not acting as a true leader and inspiring you.

You have to dig deep and learn how to inspire if you want to be taken seriously and become a successful, productive, leader. Let’s take a look at the definition of word inspiration. Google defines it this way:

Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

In order to be an inspiration to others, you have to be able to mentally stimulate them through your words, actions, and behavior. While this might sound like a daunting task at first, you will soon discover that the following methods can be applied to almost any job.

When you are able to use your leadership abilities to inspire others, you are going to see an increase in employee morale and productivity, lower turnover rates, and overall smoother operations. All of these factors are paramount to a successful business.

Methods of Inspiring

A simple tip that you can start using immediately consists of telling your employees that you appreciate them. It sounds like something obvious, but it is shocking how many employers walk by their employees every single day and don’t give them a simple “Thank you for working hard.” This kind of language does two things:

First, it makes them feel valued, which boosts their morale. They will feel like they are doing well by you and the fact that you showed appreciation for them will make them WANT to work harder for you.

Second, acknowledging their hard work is going to push them to work harder because you subtlety set the bar for them. They know what you expect and will happily strive to improve and exceed the bar that you’ve set.

One of the best ways to be an inspirational leader is to “get your hands dirty,” so to speak. If you are willing to work just as hard as your employees, this will push them to do better. We have all had managers who sat around and watched us work even in the most trying times. When the going gets tough, you have to be willing to pull your sleeves up and dive in with them.

You will not only be an inspiration, but you will also gain the respect of the people working underneath you. It is a cycle, inspiration lends to respect, and respect helps inspire employees that want to be there and WANT to work with you. Be the employee that you want THEM to be at all times. 

Trust is without a doubt one of the core building blocks of every single relationship in our lives. As you can imagine, it is equally essential for manager-employee relationships. If the trust is broken, on either side of the aisle, the foundation crumbles sometimes in a matter of days.

However, if you build a strong trust bond with your employees, they will be inspired by you and strive to want to give you that same level of trust and respect that you have given to them. It is not difficult to build trust with employees: all you have to do is keep your word.

When an employee asks for a day off, and you promise them they can have it, make sure they get it. If an employee has an issue and needs to talk to you, set a meeting and be ready for them when the time comes. Little gestures like these will build trust, and the end result will be inspired and productive employees. If you work for them on a management level, they will happily work for you as an employee.

Why Do These Methods Work Virtually Everywhere?

You may be asking yourself why these methods work well regardless of your career of choice.

The simple answer is it plays on human nature rather than specific occupations. People want to feel valued whether they are an accountant, janitor, cook, or working in sales. This sense of value breeds respect and inspiration for those who appreciate them.

Respect and trust are also factors that are human in nature (as opposed to career specific). You have to be able to use a touch of psychology while remaining sincere. People are inspired by those who hold true to their word and respect others. Think of yourself and the people that you look up to in your life — what did they do to earn your admiration?


Being an inspirational leader is something that many managers strive for regardless of what field they work in. It is not a short process, depending on the people you are working with regularly. Some people are quick to look to others for inspiration, while others take time and need many reasons to give you that much-desired respect.

Throughout your journey try to remember that all people are different. Their motives and struggles might not be evident at first glance, but they may still be there and holding them back. You have to be willing to go that extra mile and prove yourself to these people to achieve the desired results, but it is entirely possible. Make sure you work hard, are always respectful, and never forget to smile and make eye contact when speaking to others!

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