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The 133T Difference for Recruiters

December 4, 2017

My name is Corbin Major, CTO of 133T. We’re extremely excited to share some of the upcoming features of 133T.

We believe in creating high quality software that’s cost effective and efficient. We also believe in leveraging the best in technology that way our customers can do more for less. Here’s more about our awesome pricing model:

The 133T Difference 

133T is the world’s first automated job seeking platform, built to revolutionize the world of HR and recruiting.

We offer a customized subscription that allows you to increase – or decrease – your usage of our platform, and an easy-to-understand package plan that lets you choose your level of service. Read on and learn more.

Our Subscription Builder Is An Industry-First

No more haggling on the phone. No more talking down contract prices. No more penalties for going over your usage tier. 133T lets you choose the subscription package that’s right for you. We offer 9 different packages for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises.

Best of all, if you exceed your package usage, you can purchase additional profile views and job postings. You can create a plan that fits your specific needs, and avoid wasting money on other expensive HR and recruiting tools.

How It Works

Interested in learning more? Getting started with 133T is simple. Here’s how it works. 

  • Choose your package – You could pick a package with 50 profile views and 50 job postings, for example.
  • Check your remaining balance on the dashboard – Your dashboard will always tell you how many views and postings you have left.
  • Upgrade or customize your subscription plan – Need more postings? Add them directly from the dashboard, or upgrade your subscription plan to the next tier.
  • Save money – and recruit more effectively – Get the talent you need, for less!

Didn’t Use Your Postings Or Views? They Roll Over!

When you buy additional job postings or profile views, they all roll over and your billing cycle resets – so you have one full month to use your additional job postings and profile views.

Get A 14-Day Free Trial, Or Use 133T For FREE

We offer a free 14-day trial, so you can get started with 133T for no charge. If that’s not enough, we also allow you to post 1 job each month for no charge so you can keep trying out our platform even after your trial has expired.

Sign up now, and see how great recruiting can be with 133T.